Oktawood is a company that manufactures charred wood products based on Japanese traditions. Our aim is to give every home and every project a unique and special look through the process of wood charring.

In Japan, wood has been treated in this way for centuries. The quality of the boards we produce is as good as – and even better than – the yakisugi made by Japanese craftsmen. Oktawood, with modern equipment and tools, is able to produce boards faster without compromising on the quality of the charred wood. Thanks to modern tools and facilities, we can say that we have achieved an even better result.

Charred wood is already inherently more fire-resistant than painted, oiled, stained or untreated wood. A fire resistance classification is often required for timber materials, especially in public buildings such as apartment blocks, schools or shopping centres. We can offer the highest fire resistance class B-s1,d0 for our products by treating it with a water-based environmentally friendly agent that does not emit harmful particles into the living environment.

Product quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.

All our products are treated with environmentally friendly ingredients.