Yakisugi, more commonly known as shou sugi ban, is a centuries-old Japanese wood surface treatment technique that involves charring wood surfaces with live fire. This method is designed for purely practical purposes, to prevent wood from rotting, to make it weatherproof and to protect it from pests. In addition to the useful and practical properties of charred wood, this treatment gives it an aesthetic and distinctive appearance. As a result, charred wood is used by architects, interior designers and clients around the world who want to give buildings a natural, dignified and original appearance.

In the Oktawood product range you will find charred, brushed and finished products. The materials we use are mostly spruce and Siberian larch. Our diverse products are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The yakisugi technique can be used for processing cladding, lumber, decking, garden railings and more. Choose the solution that meets your needs from our range of products, contact us and we will provide you with for more information.