Unique wood projects in yakisugi technique

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Oktawood is a company that manufactures charred wood products based on Japanese traditions.
Our aim is to give every home and every project a unique and special look through the process of wood charring.
Product quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
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Reasons to use yakisugi style board design in your projects.

Yakisugi style treated wood has an expected lifespan of 50 to 60 years if regularly maintained.
A charred surface protects wood from the impacts of weather in a similar way to modern wood preservatives.
As a result of charring, the pores in the wood shrink and eventually close. As a result, it is more difficult for water and moisture to penetrate the pores.
Charring is one option to prolong the durability of wood. The carbon layer formed by charring is 'dead wood' and therefore no biological activity can occur in this layer.
When wood is treated, the softer, porous material on top is charred, the harder wood underneath closes its pores and the wood becomes more stable and the surface stronger.
The wood treated with this technique is very eye-catching and elegant. It is a perfect blend of modernity and historical building material.
If the material will be used outdoors where it will be constantly exposed to weather conditions, it should be maintained and oiled every 10 years. This will keep the wood fresh and extend its lifespan.


Oktawood selection includes burned, brushed and finished products. We use mostly spruce and Siberian larch as raw materials. Different products can be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions. Yakisugi technique can be used on cladding boards, sawn timber, decking boards, fence boards etc. Choose your favorite from our line of products and contact us for further information.


Tehtud tööd
Tehtud tööd
Tehtud tööd
Tehtud tööd

All our products are treated with environmentally friendly ingredients